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Whether it is new construction, renovations or service Mannion brings a world of expertise to your plumbing job. We consult on many of the Historic Buildings in Ottawa, because we service, maintain and assist in modernizing these treasures. Our inventory of Cast Iron Radiators brings us in as consultants for many Mechanical Contractors throughout Eastern Ontario. For new construction and renovations we work with General Contractors on scheduling, design and implementation Having a Professional Engineer on staff helps ensure your project is done right, on time and within budget.

Due to our in house expertise with boiler systems and hydronics in general, we can install and maintain Back Flow Prevention (BFP) valves for your boiler system. The BFP prevents your boiler fluids from leaking back into your Domestic water supply. Even if you do not have a boiler the City of Ottawa requires BFP’s for each registered building to have Premise Isolation to ensure the quality and safety of the City’s water distribution system.

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